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The History Of Run Your Car On Water Technology!

by Andris Valodze

Brown's Gas - The History of Water as a Fuel Source

Brown's gas? HHO gas? What exactly does it all mean? You have probably heard about the water for gas solutions that are being spread like wildfire across the Internet. This recent trend has been heightened thanks to the sudden and drastic increase in the prices of gasoline in the last year.

What you may not realize is that the idea of using water as a fuel source is nothing new. In fact, the original theories about the possibilities of using water (more accurately hydrogen derived from water) for power date back hundreds of years.

In 1803, an American chemist named Robert Hare discovered that a combination of oxygen and hydrogen could be used to power a pipe that jewelry and glassmakers frequently used known as a blowpipe. An even bigger discovery occurred in 1832 when Michael Faraday discovered electrolysis - the process that allows hydrogen to be separated from water using electricity.

More than a hundred years later, in 1935, Henry Garrett was the first to successfully run a car using water when he patented his electrolytic carburetor. In 1962, American inventor William A. Rhodes became the first to patent an electrolyzer that produced what we now call HHO Gas (sometimes called Brown's Gas). The company that he formed is now named Arizona Hydrogen, and is still operational in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why Call It Brown's Gas?

The story behind water for gas does not end with William A. Rhodes discoveries. Almost ten years after Rhode's invention took shape, a new name in the search for a viable water for gas solution appeared. In the 1970's, a Bulgarian inventor named Yull Brown devoted his work to experiments with oxyhydrogen and applications for the gas, which is now commonly referred to as Brown's Gas to commemorate his efforts. His design involved mixing hydrogen and oxygen gases in a 2:1 molar ratio, the same ratio found in water.

Brown's work culminated in several patents, though the amount of credit he deserves for his work on oxyhydrogen is still debated since Brown was just one of several scientists who dedicated their efforts to this technology.

Past, Present, and Future

Although the water for gas trend has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, the idea itself can be traced well into history. In 1875, author Jules Verne wrote about the potential for water as a fuel source in his book The Mysterious Island: "Water decomposed into its primitive elements, and decomposed doubtless by electricity, which will then have become a powerful and manageable force.

Yes, my friends, I believe that water will one day be employed as a fuel". For over 130 years, the idea of utilizing water for power has been poked and prodded by scientists and inventors. There is no doubt that the search for a way to use water for fuel will continue. As technology advances, we may still see the day that Verne believed would come, when water is used as fuel. For More Information Visit

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