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Binaural Beats And Brain Entrainment

by Michael McGrath

Changing your brain with just your pair of earphones!

Binaural beats are separate sounds recorded in such a way that they change the the frequencies asociated with the brainwaves of the listener automatically. Through a method that has been named brain entrainment, binaural beats can change the not only the mental but also the physical state of the person listening.

Studies proven that some brainwave states, which can be easily induced with binaural beats, which cause intensive relaxed states. These relaxed states have been shown to be ideal for learning and retaining new information, inducing relaxed deep sleep and heightened creative ideas - to name only a few.

Before the creation of binaural beats recordings, the only means to induce specific changes in your brainwave states was by learning deep meditation. For thousands of years this type of art form has only been possible for practitioners of meditation with over twenty years of practise - such as Zen Buddhist Monks. Although it is easily done now with binaural beats.

By listening to binaural beats it is possible for all of us to enter all kinds of meditative states after minutes merely by using good headphones and a carefully chosen pre-made binuaral beats recording.

Even though the science that goes into brain entrainment through binaural beats is much too complex to explore the innate hypothesis is easy to comprehend.

The concept of binauarl beats was discovered by an Assosiate Professor at the University of Berlin in 1839 called Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Prof Dove discovered that when 2 similar sounds, but are different slighly in frequency, are offered separately to left and right ear (Binaural) they will create a pulse or beat type effect to be present in the brain - binaural beats.

It was in the late '70s when Scientific American published the research paper by Dr. Gerald Oster titled "Auditory Beats in the Brain" which was about binaural beats. This report outlined how Dr. Oster used Dove's discovery and through research found that by using these binaural beats he could direct the entire brainwave pattern of the listener to match the internal beat created by the binaural beats. When this occurred the brainwaves of the listener changed to resonate to the same frequency as the binaural beats. Thus Oster found that through the type of recording used in binaural beats he was able to alter the brain's frequencies of the listener and induce intentional cerebral states.

For the ordinary man or woman on the street the use of binaural beats would just be another scientific experiment which has no impact or bearing ona person's life or everyday routines if it was not for the fact that this technology can be used in a very practical way. Many times the goals you strive for are reliant on the state your brainwaves are in at that moment. Each of your activities has a dominant brainwave pattern connected with it.

When you're in a state of deep relaxation, when sleeping, your brain has a specific frequency associated with it and displays specific patterns such as Theta waves. When you become driven and energized your brain is engaged in Beta or even Gamma frequencies. These patterns are easy to induce by using binaural beats.

If you evoke a state of relaxed focus like when you're captivated by TV, visualizing or while under the influence of hypnosis, you enter the Alpha state. This is also the state that is entered into with most forms of meditation. However people who meditate for years, just like a Zen Buddhist Monk, are able to enter Theta and Delta states while being able to stay highly aware. This can also be done by using binaural beats!

Such states, which do take over 20 years to master by pratcising meditation, can be induced within minutes by using binaural beats.

So what? It's possible to induce meditative states at will using sound technology? How does this affect me and you? To be able to answer that question we must start to look at the reasons for creating a meditative state and thus binaural beats.

A few of the benefits of meditation or binaural beats include:

1. Profound relaxed states.
2. More profound more restful and energizing sleep.
3. Higher levels of creativity.
4. A slow down of the aging process.
5. Releasing of past negative emotional upsets.
6. Relief from Stress.
7. More stamina.
8. Better focus.
9. More retention of learned information.
10. Faster recovery times after surgery.

This benefits of meditation list is a small sample of the potential rewards of using meditation and binaural beats. This list is certainly not extensive.

I'm sure you will agree then that the benefits of having a recording, that can induce quick brain states that induce profound changes in body and mind, is very desirable. We are very fortunate that in our times we readily have access to various forms of this technology from Holosync and Brain Entrainment, designed for major self improvement, to individual Binaural Beats recordings created to induce deliberate states in mind and body.

The experiments into binaural beats and its ability to alter the brainwave patterns of the listener indicates that this type of brain entrainment produces results and can be utilized very successfully by any person. I have listed some other sites regarding this technology for adavanced study.

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About the Author

Michael is a university graduate with over 23 years expereience in personal development and hypnosis.

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