Monday, May 25, 2009

DVDs that Store Up to 10 Terabytes or 3000 Movies Coming Soon

The storage capacity of optical discs seem to grow by the decade. In the next one, we'd probably see optical discs - DVDs in particular, that are able to store up to 10 terabytes of information. If you can't imagine how much that is, try to imagine your DVD holding up to 3000 full-feature movies - now there's your 10 terabytes!

Right now, it may only be possible to make a DVD version that stores up to 1 terabyte or 300 movies. We have researchers at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia to thank for this new and monstrous storage capacity for optical discs, which is now currently in the Blu-ray technology level.

The new storage system for optical discs will be using nanotechnology where gold particles will play a part in harnessing what they call the polarization dimension of an optical disc. Researcher Min Gu has this to say: "We were able to show how nanostructured material can be incorporated onto a disc in order to increase data capacity, without increasing the physical size of the disc."

Current optical discs have three spatial dimensions but nanoparticles will allow a spectral and a polarization dimension that can be used to store data as well, boosting capacity tremendously. However, these new discs may need a new gadget to play in. When they are released, people will certainly have another fancy thing to toy with.

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