Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Design Probes Electronic Tattoo Project of Philips Explained

How would you like to wear something on or over your body - more specifically, your skin - that is interactive? You may imagine some form of gadget like a radio frequency ID, but what's being talked about here are more closely attached to you, like tattoos. Can you imagine a tattoo that can change shape if you touch it? This is just one of the ideas put forward by the Design Probes Project of Philips.

The new skin-adornment technology is part of the Probe Project's emphasis for this year called SKIN which uses emotionally-sensitive materials that come in contact with human skin. One product is called the electronic tattoo, and it can supposedly change shape depending on a person's emotional state. It comes in the form of a film that is laid over the skin as a kind of "second skin." It's practically invisible and if you have seen how liquid crystal images behave, then you have an idea of what it can do to turn your body into a dynamic art form.

The Design Probes Project goes beyond tattoos, though, and it's also envisioned clothes that change color (left; girl pretending to be a lamp). What follows is a video where you can gain insights into these new technologies that will revolutionize the way people adorn themselves. It's Philip's vision of the future in the next fifteen years, converting ordinary things into people-sensitive devices. It's called Soft Technology and it will soon be commonplace.

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