Friday, January 16, 2009

Perfect Invisibility Cloak Almost a Reality but Still Out of Sight

The movies are fascinated by invisibility, and now it seems scientists are also. There's news that researchers at Duke University are on the verge of making a cloak that is able to bend electromagnetic radiation like light and others of different wavelengths. They say new materials invented are making this possible. But what exactly are these new materials and how exactly do they bend light enough to create the illusion that there's "nothing there?"

The researchers, led by David R. Smith, say that they have developed mathematical commands that would now allow the manufacture of metamaterials that can be placed in a certain algorithmic pattern that will allow deflection of electromagnetic waves. Smith says the invention can now cloak an almost limitless number of waves.

The invisibility cloak is comprised of 10,000 individual pieces of fiberglass arranged in rows. Of course, the details of the formulas used are kept secret but we may soon see the final invention working as expected in the near future - or maybe not. You can see how effective it works in one of the videos that follow.

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